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Sing To Connect

Let's sing together

Ways to Join in

Enjoy the benifits of singing now

Maria Wood aims to make it easy and possible for ALL people to sing together in community.  One of the most ancient and powerful mechanisms for social connection, fun and possibly improved health is easy to access through either a singing class or singing group in County Clare



If you lack confidence, don't know where to begin, don't know what kind of voice you have or if there is any hope for you then join a class until you get on your feet


Community Singing

If you are ready to dive in, take a chance and enjoy the fun and mood enhancing vibes of singing harmony songs then find a group near you.


“Thank you for last night’s singing.  You lift us all up”

“I can’t describe how happy and lifted I felt after each of the two nights back singing”

“What a very positive group. Really enjoyed the singing”

“Thank you.  We leave on a high!!!”

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