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Classes For Beginners

Maria runs classes for absolute beginners. If you would like to have a party piece or join a community choir this is the place for you.  For a list of classes running scroll down.

What We Will Cover in the Class
  • Basic breathing techniques.

  • Learn how the voice works.

  • What to do if you have trouble singing the right notes of a song.  

  • Tips on what songs to choose and how best to learn them.

  • Learn about resonance and how to increase it to ensure you are singing without effort, increasing the richness of your voice and how to use it to gauge your progress as you develop.

  • How to approach higher notes.

  • How to put feeling into a song.

  • How to start accessing your own unique sound.

  • Dip into a little bit of harmony singing.

Maria will have a set of folk songs to learn as a group.  We will also learn some very simple harmony songs.  Harmony can be a big challenge for beginner singers so we will do very very simple songs and learn some tips for getting more comfortable.

You will not be asked to sing on your own, but if you would like one or two individual lessons to get feedback and specific advice for you this is an option.  

Contact Maria to book or ask any questions.

Ennistymon Class

Times - 7pm to 8pm Thursdays

Dates - September 8th to October 18th (7 weeks)

Location - Ennistymon Community Hall

Cost - €75 for the term

Places will be limited. Book your place by paying a €15 deposit.  Contact Maria to receive a Paypal link or find out other ways to pay.

Take a chance and begin your singing journey.

Watch the video below for more details on what we will be doing during the classes...

Online Classes

Maria will be scheduling classes online soon.

To register your interest in advance contact Maria

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