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I Sing With You

Music - Maria and Chris Wood, Words - Maria Wood and The Sonas Singers

I wrote the first verse of this song on my own while sitting out with our horses one winter night.  I was obviously longing for the brighter days.  I then took this verse to my group The Sonas Singers and asked for more ideas in order to finish the song.  It became a wonderful way to get an insight into what people were getting from coming to the group every week.  Filled with a lot of inspiring images and words I went home and finished the song.


Whenever I'm low and I'm feeling grey,

I sing with you and the clouds roll away.

I know that I am not alone.

I know that you have burdens of your own.


Whenever despair keeps me out in the cold,

I sing with you and you warm up my soul.

I know the sun will rise up again.

We'll light a fire that keeps us safe till then.


We light up the dark.

We walk that tough road.

We shine through the night,

And we all share the load.


We're on our way home.

One step at a time.

We walk arm in arm,

Till the sun starts to shine.


Whenever my fears keep me tired and stuck

I sing with you and things start to look up.

I know my voice will rise up with yours.

Singing together all of our hearts can soar X 4

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